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Takaoka Collab

Puzzle & Dragon’s shocking collaboration with Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, has arrived! What is Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture? Click the Facebook note for more details:


In this special collaboration, the local specialties Amberjack, Velvet Shrimp, and Firefly Squid make their delectible selves known! It will also be presided over by Takaoka City’s tourism ambassador,



Takaoka Collab Explained!


Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture is the hometown of Puzzle & Dragon’s Producer.
Collab plans were originally made to celebrate a visit to Takaokashi after being away for 20 years.


This is a puzzling collab, but it is a dungeon being introduced for the first time in celebration of the Takaoka Festivals, so please enjoy! This collab will only be available for two days, so don’t miss it!


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