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ShinraBansho Chocolate Collab

Puzzle & Dragons may provide a good mental workout, but it’s important to stay energized! Fortunately for us, the lovely sweets of ShinraBansho Chocolate are here for the job!

This long-awaited Collab has finally arrived in North America for your consumption! To find out more about ShinraBansho Chocolate, see our note, “What is ShinraBansho Chocolate?

The heroes of ShinraBansho Chocolate all have Ultimate Evolutions, so view the link for any recipe details you might need.

In addition to having a unique and memorable art style, this collab features several special monsters! There are several skill-up monsters as well, for popular monsters from both the Indian, Demon, and Rider series! The dungeon is available in four difficulties, ranging from Intermediate to Legend. It’s a technical-style dungeon, so beware enemy attacks!

At the end of the Dungeon, “Demon God Masterion” awaits!

If you’ve been looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further. ShinraBansho Chocolate has arrived!