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PAD Academy Collab

It may be summertime, but for most of us, our Orb-matching studies will continue. Fortunately, we have a special school to help with just that!

Welcome to PAD Academy, the best place to find your Puzzle & Dragons summer adventure.

This special collaboration features a dungeon with five difficulties, from Intermediate to Mythical.

PAD Academy opens its doors with a special Egg Machine with new characters! The Hero Series Gods and Jester Wizard, Chester will appear at 3x rates!

7 ★
2017 Scholarship Student, Isis
2015 Discipline Committee Chair, Athena
2014 Student Council President, Lucifer

6 ★
2021 phantom god, odin
2020 blazing shrine maiden, chiyome

5 ★
1626 Jester Wizard, Chester (3x Rates)
1073 Pandora (3x Rates)
1071 Sun Wukong (3x Rates)
1069 Perseus (3x Rates)
1067 Andromeda (3x Rates)
1065 Yamato Takeru (3x Rates)

4 ★
2028 pandora
2027 sun wukong
2026 perseus
2025 andromeda
2024 yamato takeru
2023 water deity, holy isis
2022 amaterasu ohkami

The full details are over at this note–but don’t let Disciplinary Committee Chair, Athena find you in the halls!

Details here: