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Kapibara-san Collab

The Kapibara-san Collab Dungeon has arrived! This adorable collab features unique monsters to be enjoyed by everyone.

They include: Atsui-san, the capybara hot with valor, Regent-kun, the self-proclaimed ‘bad boy’ capybara, and others.

There are four difficulty levels to this dungeon, including Intermediate, Expert, Master, and Legend. The Dungeon format is Technical, so enemies can use skills. Don’t be deceived by their cuteness!

And, at the bottom of the dungeon, Kapibara-san awaits! This easy-going critter will ‘Be slack’ at times, doing nothing, and then strike when it’s most opportune! He’s a challenging opponent, so be skillful in your movements.

For more information, see What is Kapibara-san?:

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