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GungHo Collaboration

For one week only, the special “GungHo Collab” dungeon returns! Capture special characters from other GungHo titles, such as Picosuke and Royal Green Hawk.

A new Pal Egg Machine will also be available–featuring sixteen GungHo characters from titles such as Princess Punt and Divine Gate, in an exclusive lineup.

This Pal Egg Machine costs 500 Pal Points per roll.

The lineup is as follows:

2116 Pianis (NEW!)
2120 Arthur (NEW!)

1821 guan yu
1823 life dragon, zhuge liang

2106 Archer, Zell (NEW!)
2108 Esper, No.41 (NEW!)
2110 Vampire (NEW!)
2112 Kyubi (NEW!)
2114 Ancient Wooden Beast (NEW!)
2118 Scythe-Wielder, Yukari (NEW!)

1811 cao cao
1813 sun quan
1815 liu bei
1817 da qiao & xiao qiao
1819 lu bu

500 Princess Punt

For more information on the special GungHo Pal Egg Machine, see here:

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