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The role-playing game series that inspired a generation makes its debut in the North American version of Puzzle & Dragons!

The FINAL FANTASY Collab is available in five difficulties, from Intermediate to Mythical, where players can encounter some of the series’ most dangerous and recognizable enemies in the ominous “Netherworld”.

Drive back their evil with their beloved counterparts, such as Cloud, Squall, and Zidane. Eleven heroes are available to obtain from the Final Fantasy Egg Machine. Their signature weapons are also available as rare dungeon drops, allowing you to skill-up your cards and provide easier access to their abilities.

For more details on the characters and the collab, see here:

The full lineup of the FINAL FANTASY Egg Machine can be viewed below:

2043 Yuna
2031 Sephiroth
2029 Cloud

2041 Tidus
2037 Zidane
2035 Rinoa
2033 Squall

2049 Wol
2047 Aemo
2045 Ace
2039 Vivi

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