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Batman v Superman Collab Returns!

Old rivalries reemerge once again! The bad blood between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel rises up as they take on old foes.

Batman v Superman Collab comes back to Puzzle & Dragons to showcase the the DC Cinematic Universe once more. Take on Entrepreneur, Lex Luthor, and Artificial Lifeform, Doomsday and save Metropolis!

*DC Universe Egg Machine*

The DC Universe Egg Machine also returns for the duration of this collab, bringing back classic favorites like Superman, Green Arrow and Knightmare Batman! The full lineup is as follows:

Knightmare Batman

Green Arrow
The Flash
Batgirl & Batwoman
Wonder Woman

*Batman v Superman Collab Dungeon*

Immortal Enemy, Doomsday wreaks havoc again in the Batman v Superman Collab dungeon. The dungeon comes in five difficulties, Intermediate through Mythical, all of which are Technical floors. Defend the citizens from the onslaught of threats and save the day!

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