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Batman v Superman Collab Arrives!

How will justice be served? Does it come in the form of shining deity in the sky, willing and able to protect Earth from invaders? Or does it come from the ground, a shadowy terror that defends those that can’t protect themselves?

They believe they fight for what’s right, but they can’t both exist in this world.
Batman v Superman Collab comes to Puzzle & Dragons to showcase the most recent entry in the DC Cinematic Universe. Take on new threats in the form of Entrepreneur, Lex Luthor, and Artificial Lifeform, Doomsday!

Batman v Superman Collab Dungeon

The Batman v Superman Collab is available as both a Special Dungeon and a Multiplayer Dungeon. The dungeon comes in five difficulties, Intermediate through Mythical, all of which are Technical Dungeons.

DC Universe Egg Machine

The DC Universe Egg Machine also returns for the duration of this collab, featuring the brand new Knightmare Batman from the film! The full lineup is as follows:

Knightmare Batman (NEW!)

Green Arrow
The Flash
Batgirl & Batwoman
Wonder Woman

New Ultimate Evolutions & Skill Improvements

Last Son of Krypton, Superman and Wisdom of Athena, Wonder Woman also receive new Ultimate Evolutions! Stay tuned for details on the upcoming character update.

Note: While not available in the current version of the app, Armored Batman (Knightmare Batman’s evolved form) and Invincible Heroine, Wonder Woman will receive access to new Awoken Skills (Physical Killer and Balance Killer, respectively), in a future update.

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