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Batman Collab 2

The Batman Collab dons the cape and cowl to once again protect the citizens of Gotham! This collab also brings the arrival of a new hero, Tamazo X Batman!

1. Skill Improvements
Batman+Batmobile, Private Military Arkham Knight and various other heroes have been given skill improvements. For more details, see here.

2. Batman Arkham Egg Machine Returns
Players can get all of their favorite Batman characters with the return of the Batman Arkham Egg Machine! Batman+Batwing and Robin return along with the newly added Tamazo X Batman! Don’t miss your chance to save Gotham with these powerful heroes! For a full list of characters see below.

Batman+S. Gloves

Harley Quinn
Tamazo X Batman (NEW!)

3. Batman Collab 2 Dungeon
The Batman Collab Dungeons return! The difficulties range from Gotham-Int to Gotham-Mythical with all floors being Technical. Firefly and Joker+A. Blossom will stand in your path. On rare occasions Private Military Arkham Knight will show up too! To top it all off the Master of Terror, Scarecrow+Fear Gas, will be waiting at the end of the dungeon.

Note: All images and data displayed are in development, and they may be adjusted if necessary.