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Angry Birds Epic Collab

Epic adventurers, meet epic dragons! The worldwide hit Angry Birds Epic has collaborated with Puzzle & Dragons to create a true world of fantasy!

Popular Angry Birds Epic characters such as Red, Chuck, Blues are banding together for a special Collab Dungeon in P&D. Inside the dungeon, you can find Red, Chuck, and friends wearing their distinctive Angry Birds Epic outfits!

The Collab Dungeon features 4 floors, from “Int” to “Extra-Spicy”–all in a Technical Dungeon format. At the deepest level, the Royal Guard Pig readies his siege!

Use your skill to advance!

Also during this Collab, Tyra, Bubblie, Tamadra, Horus and other P&D monsters will be appearing in a special dungeon within Angry Birds Epic! This dungeon is coming soon, so be sure to catch a glimpse of both worlds!