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Ragnarok Online Collab

Before Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, there was the hit MMO–Ragnarok Online. At its height the MMO had some of the largest record player bases ever to peak worldwide!

Now, in homage of this timeless form of entertainment, it’s arrived in Puzzle & Dragons! The dungeon has four difficulties, from Intermediate to Legend.

Run this dungeon to collect valuable skill-ups in the form of classic and memorable monsters.

The boss monster, Underworld Tyrant, Baphomet, has a bone to pick with you!

What is Ragnarok Odyssey?

Ragnarok Online is a very popular online game with more than 3.5 Million registered players.

Anyone can easily pick it up with cute 2D characters and simple controls.

It has abundant community aspects, making it a great online game with plenty of chances for new meeting pals!!

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