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The Imaginarium Event

Beyond the horizon lies a strange and unfamiliar world, but do not be afraid. You may find comfort in the unknown and strength in your uncertainty. Step forward and traverse into the new Imaginarium Event!

This event features loads of great content such as 10x chance for +Eggs in Descended Dungeons as well as 3x chance for Skill Ups! Let’s take this chance to see just how far our imaginations can really goes.

■① Daily Login Bonuses
[Duration]: 4/4 (Mon) – 4/10 (Sun) UTC-8
*This bonus starts at 4/4 (Mon), 5:00 AM (PDT) and ends at 4/11 (Mon), 4:59 AM (PDT).

4/4 – 4/10: 1 free Magic Stone delivered daily (7 Total)

*Bonuses will be distributed as late as 4:59 AM (PDT) of the following day.
*To receive Login Bonuses, players must have available space in their in-game mail.

■② Riddles of the Deceiver

He stands at his post day in and day out. Riddles and rhymes, hints and tricks. Dealing with him can really tire you out. But, outwitting him will bring you insight and back on your journey! The Experience of a Lifetime Dungeon is part of the previous event and rolls over for one day of this event. If you haven’t cleared it yet, now is your chance!

3/25 – 4/4: Experience of a Lifetime (Last chance!!)
4/4 – 4/10: Gift from the Heavenly Garden
■③ Demonic Fire Queen
[Duration]: 3/25 (Fri) - 4/10 (Sun) UTC-8
*This dungeon is available from 3/25 (Fri), 1:00 AM (PDT) to 4/11 (Mon), 12:59 AM (PDT).

For this event, Hera-Ur Descended! Is available as a Coin Dungeon! There will be a board restriction in place that utilizes a (5×4 Board). This dungeon comes in Mythical and Legend Plus difficulties.

Hera-Ur Descended! will feature rare Latent TAMADRA (Fire Dmg. Red.) invades! All Coin Dungeons will also have 1.5x Drop Rates as well as having their prices halved! For details on the Coin Dungeon lineup that started on 4/1, see here.

Hera-Ur Descended! (5×4 Board)

■④ Abuse of the Overlord

She is stubborn and abrasive. Her rule is absolute. All those who defy her are met with a painful and gruesome end. Defeating her through force of will is your only option to return home! For this event, the Challenge Dungeon series from the previous event will continue over until the end of this event.

For details on the Challenge Dungeon, click here.

3/25 – 4/10: Challenge Dungeons!

*Challenge Dungeon awards are available only up to 4/11 (Mon), UTC-8.
*Please take special note of end times for receiving rewards. End times are reflected in UTC-8. For more details see here.

■⑤ Fusion Bonuses
[Duration]: 3/25 (Fri) – 4/10 (Sun) UTC-8
*This bonus starts at 3/25 (Fri), 1:00 AM (PDT) and ends at 4/11 (Mon), 12:59 AM (PDT).

3x chance for Skill Ups will continue to be available during the event!

■⑥ 10x +Eggs in Descended Dungeons
[Duration]: 4/4 (Mon), 12:00 pm – 4/10 (Sun) UTC-8
*This bonus starts at 4/4 (Mon), 1:00 PM (PDT) and ends at 4/11 (Mon), 12:59 AM (PDT).

+Eggs will have a 10x Chance drop rate in Descended Dungeons!

*10x chance for +Eggs will also apply to the limited time Descended Carnival dungeons as well as the Descended Dungeons that are purchased from the Coin Dungeons menu.
*10x chance for +Eggs does not apply to Multiplayer Dungeons.

■⑦ TAMADRA Invades in Castle of Satan
[Duration]: 3/25 (Fri) – 4/10 (Sun) UTC-8
*This bonus is available from 3/25 (Fri), 1:00 AM (PDT) to 4/11 (Mon), 12:59 AM (PDT).

Valuable TAMADRA’s are now available to collect as a rare invade! Appearing in Castle of Satan and Castle of Satan in the Abyss, the TAMADRA unlocks your monsters Awoken Skills!

■⑧ Legendary Dungeon Bonus
[Duration]: 3/25 (Fri) – 4/10 (Sun) UTC-8
*This bonus starts at 3/25 (Fri), 1:00 AM (PDT) and ends at 4/11 (Mon), 12:59 AM (PDT).

Challenge daunting Technical Dungeons while unlocking Latent Awakenings.
Select Technical Dungeons include:
Legendary Mountain Path
Legendary Hills
Legendary Skyway
Legendary Snowy Valley

*Events subject to change without notice or compensation – see event policy here.
*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.