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The Epic Anniversary Event Pt. 1

*The Epic Anniversary Event Part 1*
[Duration]: 11/6 (Thurs), 12:00 AM (PST) – 11/12 (Wed), 11:59 PM (PST)

The best events come in two’s! This celebration comes with two key milestones–not only has Puzzle & Dragons reached 40MM Worldwide Downloads, but we’ve also been on iOS for 2 Years!

Check out what we have below–there’s a little bit of everything, and this event comes in TWO parts!

Also new with this event is the introduction of Coin Dungeons, allowing you to purchase dungeons for a limited time! See our note here:

■① Daily Login Bonuses
11/6 – 11/12 – 1 free Magic Stone
*Bonuses will be distributed as late as 3:59 AM (PDT/PST) the following day.

■② Of Such Grand Proportions
A big event requires some big dungeons! The Extreme Rush events are back, followed by the reappearance of Breakers!

11/6 – 11/7 – Extreme Hera Rush! *Spirit Jewels invades may appear!*
11/12 – 11/14 – Breakers!

■③ Her Radiant Queen
A special gift dungeon has made a wonderful return appearance! Radiant Queen is available for the duration of the event. Be sure to greet her, and show your manners!

11/6 – 11/19 – Radiant Queen (Can only run once!)

■④ Special Event Content

11/8 – 11/9 – ????????????

■⑤ Special Event Dungeon Schedule
The Spirit Jewels are active from 11/6 to 11/20! This event also features a unique 1.5x chance for Spirit Jewels to descend!
See here for details:

11/6 – Athena Descended!
11/7 – Heracles Descended!
11/8 – Noah Descended!
11/9 – Hera-Is Descended!
11/10 – Zeus-Dios Descended!
11/10 – Wadatsumi Descended!
11/11 – Hera-Beorc Descended!
11/12 – Beelzebub Descended!
11/12 – Xuanzang Descended!

■⑥ Awesome Daily Bonuses
Pal Egg Event:
11/6 – 11/12 – Rare Evo Materials

Dungeon Bonus:
2x King appearance rates for the Metal and Jewel Dragons
Fusion Bonus:
2x chance for ‘GREAT!’ or ‘SUPER!!’ EXP Gain
2x Skill Up rate
Drop Bonus:
2x Drops for the Daily Special Dungeons
2x Coins for the Weekend Dungeon