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Spires of Fire & Pillars of Ice – Part 1

Puzzle & Dragons is gearing up for summer, but like always, it’s a matter of knowing when to stay cool and when to get hot! We’ve got quite a few bonuses and surprises in store, and we hope you enjoy them all! It’s the perfect time to sit outside with a refreshing beverage, Puzzle & Dragons in hand.

■① Daily Log-in Bonuses
5/27 – 5/31 – 1 free Magic Stone daily
※Bonuses will be distributed as late as 3:59 AM (PDT) the following day.

■② Special Event Dungeon Schedule:
5/27 – Heracles Descended!
5/28 – Heroes Descended!
5/29 – Izanami Descended!
5/30 – Hera-Ur Descended!

■③ Bonus Two Day Dungeons Bonuses!
Things got a little mixed up in our Flower Power event, but we’re rounding things out by finishing up the two day dungeons! There’s 24 hour 2x drops on the second days of both dungeons, so prepare for skill ups!

5/27 – 5/28 – Sword of Flames
5/29 – 5/30 – Dragon in Motley

■④ Awesome Daily Bonuses
Pal Egg Event:
5/27 – 5/31 – Jewel/Metal King Dragons

1.5x chance for ‘GREAT!’ or ‘SUPER!!’ EXP Gain
2x King appearance rates for the Metal and Jewel Dragons
2x Skill Up rate
5x chance for +Eggs to appear in Technical Dungeons
2x Drops for the Daily Special Dungeons
1.5x Coins for the Weekend Dungeon