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Puzzle & Dragons Thousand Days Event, Pt. 1

It’s just a bit past three years–but quadruple digits is bonafide impressive! To celebrate this special anniversary, we brought some new gifts, along with 2.5x Skill Up AND EXP Gain Chance! What a treat!

Without you, we would have no such celebration to speak of! We hope you enjoy, and thank you for playing Puzzle & Dragons!

■① Daily Login Bonuses
8/7 – 8/15 – 1 free Magic Stone
*Bonuses will be distributed as late as 3:59 AM (PDT) the following day.

■② At Breakneck Speed
The Rush Cycle returns to break onto the scene! Challenge the Heras, Devils, Gods, Dragons, or Gods for bragging rights or rewards!

8/7 – 8/8 – Ultimate Hera Rush! *Spirit Jewels invades may appear at 1.5x rates!*
8/9 – 8/10 – Ultimate Devil Rush! *Spirit Jewels invades may appear at 1.5x rates!*
8/11 – 8/12 – Ultimate Dragon Rush! *Spirit Jewels invades may appear at 1.5x rates!*
8/13 – 8/14 – Ultimate God Rush! *Spirit Jewels invades may appear at 1.5x rates!*

■③ Poringring!
They may be cuddly shaped drops of slime, but they’re also invaluable skill ups for the Heartbreakers! The return of Poring Tower is a great addition to our anniversary! A new series of Challenge Dungeons are also available.

8/7 – 8/9 – Poring Tower
8/14 – 8/16 – Sword of Flames
8/10 – 8/16 – Breakers!
8/7 – 8/16 – Challenge Dungeons!

■④ The Most Caloric Egg
This Tama’s been eating a few too many stars! Taking after his King Metal friend maybe a bit too much, this gift dungeon Tamadra gives quite a bit of experience–his dungeon does too!

8/7 – 8/23 – Experience of a Lifetime

■⑤ Special Event Content
The originals show us why they’re still King and Queen.

8/14 – 8/16 – ????????????

■⑥ Special Event Dungeon Schedule
The Spirit Jewels are active from 8/7 to 8/23!
See here for details:
8/7 – Hera-Ur Descended!
8/8 – Zeus Mercury Descended!
8/8 – Draggie!
8/9 – Hera-Beorc Descended!
8/9 – Guan Yinping!
8/10 – Zeus Vulcan Descended!
8/11 – Heracles Descended!
8/12 – Zhao Yun Descended!
8/12 – Gaia Descended!
8/13 – Sandalphon Descended!
8/14 – Sonia Gran Descended!
8/15 – Diagoldos Descended!

■⑦ Awesome Daily Bonuses
This event features both 2.5x chance for EXP Gain AND 2.5x Skill Up rates–the perfect combination to power your monsters with!

Pal Egg Event:
8/7 – 8/23 – Rare Evo Materials

Dungeon Bonus:
5x chance for +Eggs to appear in Technical Dungeons [extends until 8/15 (Sat), 12:00 PM PDT]
Fusion Bonus:
2.5x chance for ‘GREAT!’ or ‘SUPER!!’ EXP Gain
2.5x Skill Up rate

*Events subject to change without notice or compensation – see event policy here: