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Pink Dragon Egg Machine

The Pink Dragon Egg Machine is back in style! For this Rare Egg Machine event, the Healer Girls are now present and available in their evolved forms. Also included are the neighboring Gods Venus and Isis, and at 4x rates!

Last but not least, the NEW Burning Maiden, Princess Valkyrie sparks a reaction with her first ever appearance! For more information on her, click here.

Monsters in this lineup will appear at level 15 or higher.

1270 Burning Maiden, Princess Valkyrie (6★, 4x rates) NEW
982 Blazing Maiden, Princess Valkyrie (6★, 4x rates)
972 Lovely Maiden, Princess Valkyrie (6★, 4x rates)
492 Isis (5★, 4x rates)
128 Venus (5★, 4x rates)

415 Fire Courier Mitsuki
418 Water Courier Ruka
421 Wind Courier Kano
424 Light Courier Fuu
427 Dark Courier Kurone

414 Mitsuki
417 Ruka
420 Kano
423 Fuu
426 Kurone