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Heartwarming Holidays Pt. 2

*Heartwarming Holidays Pt. 2*
[Duration]: 12/24 (Wed), 12:00 AM – 12/28 (Sun), 11:59 PM (PST)

The logs crackle and burn, and glasses of warm eggnog are passed around. Memories and laughter are captured in photographs to be preserved for the next year’s holidays.

The ornaments on the tree reflect the smiles of families and friends. Merry Christmas, everyone!

■① Daily Login Bonuses
12/24 – 12/28 – 1 free Magic Stone
*Bonuses will be distributed as late as 3:59 AM (PST) the following day.

■② Putting Up Decorations
Half the charm of Christmas is in the decorations! We have a few laying around, but they’re scattered about in gift dungeons! Could you go look for them?

12/20 – 12/28 – Snow Village (Can only run once!)

■③ What’s Under the Tree?
There are small presents, medium presents, and extra big ones. This looks to be a pretty big one, let’s hope it’s what you’ve been waiting for!

12/25 – 12/28 – Tower of Jewel

■④ A Royal Christmas Dinner
King DeviTAMA has declared his attendance to Christmas Dinner! He’s available for retrieval one time only for logging in between 12/20 4:00 AM and 12/29 3:59 AM.

For more details, see the original announcement:

■④ Special Event Content
12/27 – 12/28 – ?????????????

■⑤ Special Event Dungeon Schedule
The Spirit Jewels are active from 12/24 to 12/28!
See here for details:

12/24 – Zeus-Dios Descended!
12/24 – Zeus Vulcan Descended!
12/25 – Hera-Ur Descended!
12/25 – Hera-Beorc Descended!
12/26 – Hera-Is Descended!
12/26 – Gaia Descended!
12/27 – The Goddess Descended!
12/28 – Mephisto Descended!

■⑥ Awesome Daily Bonuses
Pal Egg Event:
12/19 – 12/28 – Rare Evo Materials

Dungeon Bonus:
2x King appearance rates for the Metal and Jewel Dragons
Fusion Bonus:
2x chance for ‘GREAT!’ or ‘SUPER!!’ EXP Gain
2x Skill Up rate
Drop Bonus:
2x Drops for the Daily Special Dungeons
2x Coins for the Weekend Dungeon

*Events subject to change without notice or compensation – see event policy here: