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9 Million Milestone Event

The Holidays were a great time for Puzzle & Dragons players everywhere! North America reached an astounding 9 Million downloads just in time to ring in the New Year.

With this new Event, we’d like to extend a grand thank you to you all!

■① Daily Login Bonuses

1/15 – 1/24 – 6,000 Pal Points per day
*Note: Due to changes in the Pal Egg Machine cost and rotational lineup, the max number of pulls is now capped at 40. The maximum Pal Points owned cannot exceed 20,000. See here for details:
*Bonuses will be distributed as late as 3:59 AM (PST) the following day.

■② Rush Dungeons Restored
All five Ultimate Rush events return to challenge you. Raise your team and put them to the test!
1/15 – 1/16 – Ultimate Devil Rush!
1/17 – 1/18 – Ultimate Dragon Rush!
1/19 – 1/20 – Ultimate God Rush!
1/21 – 1/22 – Ultimate Yamato Rush!
1/23 – 1/24 – Ultimate Hera Rush!

■③ One Gift for Every Million
For the Nine Million Milestone, there is a unique gift dungeon to run every day of the event. In it you’ll find a TAMADRA, and receive an additional Magic Stone!
Each 9 Million Celebration Dungeon opens at 12PM PST, and lasts for 24 hours. Be sure to run the gift dungeon each day, or you’ll miss out!
1/15 – 1/24 – Special Event Dungeon (Dungeons 1 through 9 occurring each successive day)
1/15 – 1/24 – Experience of a Lifetime

■④ Cold January Mornings
It may still be Winter, but the New Year is already going! Go for a jog in these Special Dungeons for valuable skill up monsters.
1/17 – 1/19 – Cold Steel
1/22 – 1/24 – Light Sprite

■⑤ New Investments, with Twice the Reward!
The 9 Million Milestone event comes with specially-selected coin dungeons to purchase for its duration! 2x monster drops are also available from 1/15 and onward for select dungeons. The 2x Bonus overlaps with the current Coin Dungeon lineup, so keep an eye on any monsters you might want–Noah Descended will feature rare Latent TAMADRA (Water Dmg. Red.) invades!
Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Coin Dungeon rotation. For details on the current Coin Dungeon lineup, see here:
1/15 – 1/24 – Noah Descended!-5×4 Board (NEW!)
1/15 – 1/24 – Ruins of the Star Vault

■⑥ Lore Come to Life
New Descends come crashing down into Puzzle & Dragons!
1/15 – 1/17 – ????????????
1/22 – 1/24 – ????????????

■⑦ Special Event Dungeon Schedule
Angels of Fate event active, ending 1/24. For more details, see here:
1/15 – Diagoldos Descended!
1/16 – Zhao Yun Descended!
1/17 – Grimoires Descended!
1/18 – Sonia Gran Descended!
1/18 – Zaerog Infinity Descended!
1/19 – Mephisto Descended!
1/20 – Thoth & Sopdet Descended!
1/21 – Indigo Descended!
1/22 – Izanami Descended!
1/23 – Zeus Vulcan Descended!
1/24 – Sphinx Descended!

■⑧ Awesome Daily Bonuses
Dungeon Bonus
5x chance for +Eggs to appear in Technical Dungeons [Extends until 1/25 (Mon), 12:00 PM (PST)]
20x Chance for +Eggs to appear in select Technical Dungeons, plus Latent Tamadra Invades

Select Technical Dungeons include:
Legendary Mountain Path
Legendary Hills
Legendary Skyway
Legendary Snowy Valley

Fusion Bonus
2.5x chance for ‘GREAT!’ or ‘SUPER!!’ EXP Gain
2.5x chance for Skill Up

*Events subject to change without notice or compensation – see event policy here: