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7 Million North American Downloads Event Pt. 2

We hope you’ve enjoyed all that we had to offer in Part One of our event! Good news… it only gets better!

■① Daily Login Bonuses
6/13 – 6/21 – 1 free Magic Stone
*Bonuses will be distributed as late as 3:59 AM (PDT) the following day.

■② Show Us Your Moves!
Craving more expert-level challenges? Take a new team into the rest of these Rush events! If you feel confident enough to make a video about your method, we’ll share it on our Twitter!

6/14 – 6/15 – Ultimate Dragon Rush! *Spirit Jewels invades may appear!*
6/16 – 6/17 – Ultimate Hera Rush! *Spirit Jewels invades may appear!*
6/18 – 6/19 – Ultimate Devil Rush! *Spirit Jewels invades may appear!*

■③ Opening Up Some Trouble
As if Pandora couldn’t get herself in any more trouble, Shadow Sprite has returned to help power up her magic. Secret Box hates wood orbs, after all.

6/19 – 6/21 – Shadow Sprite

■④ Challenge Dungeons
The 8th round of Challenge Dungeons make themselves available for this event! View our future post for details on the new changes and potential rewards.

6/15 – 6/21 – Challenge Dungeons

■⑤ The Road to Victory
The King has given you the opportunity to receive its rare metal. Claim it while you can!

6/13 – 6/17 – Kingly Triumph

■⑥Special Event Dungeon Schedule
The Spirit Jewels are active from 6/5 to 6/21!
See here for details:
6/13 – Zhao Yun Descended!
6/14 – Athena Descended!
6/15 – Hera-Is Descended!
6/16 – Thoth & Sodpet Descended!
6/17 – Beelzebub Descended!
6/18 – Zeus-Dios Descended!
6/19 – Hera-Ur Descended!
6/20 – Medjedra Descended!
6/20 – Xuanzang Descended!
6/21 – The Thief Descended!
6/21 – Dark Knight!

■⑦Awesome Daily Bonuses
Pal Egg Event:
6/5 – 6/21 – Rare Evo Materials

Dungeon Bonus:
5x chance for +Eggs to appear in Technical Dungeons [extends until 6/21 (Mon), 12:00 PM PDT]
2x King appearance rates for the Metal and Jewel Dragons
Fusion Bonus:
2.5x Skill Up rate
Drop Bonus:
2x Drops for the Daily Special Dungeons
2x Coins for the Weekend Dungeon
*Events subject to change without notice or compensation – see event policy here: