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Shinrabansho Choco Collab 1

Boss Monster:
Demon God Masterion

Special Appearance:
Wafer Man may appear (“Light&Dark Orbs Change” skill also used Dragon Rider)
Holy Dragon Stone may appear (“Third Eye” also used by Shiva)
Banchack may appear (“Curse of the Lightning” skill also used by Baal)
Kobokkle may appear (“Guard Stance – Dark” skill also used Pierdra)
Kaguya may appear (“Curse of the Tree” skill also used by Astaroth)
Nine-Tailed Izuna may appear (“Magic-Draining Light” skill also used Lakshmi)

Floors/Stamina Cost:
Chaotic Darkness – Mythical (50)
Chaotic Darkness – Legend (50)
Chaotic Darkness – Master (40)
Chaotic Darkness – Expert (25)
Chaotic Darkness – Intermediate (15)