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Hera Challenge!

Details List:
*The rewards will be sent by mail in-game.
*When you beat [Queen’s Banquet Legend plus] floor, you will be rewarded with 3 prizes!
*To receive these rewards, you’ll need to beat these dungeons by 8/31, 11:59 PM, 2015.

Rewards List
- Queen’s Banquet Legend Plus… Jewel of Darkness, Snow Globe Dragon Rouge, Snow Globe Dragon Blue
- Shining Death Queen Legend Plus… Jewel of Light
- Arboreal Queen Legend Plus… Jewel of Wood
- Demonic Fire Queen Legend Plus… Jewel of Fire
- Queen of Absolute Zero Legend Plus… Jewel of Water
- Divine Queen Legend Plus… 2000 Pal Points

*You can challenge this dungeon from any floor.
*By beating the floors, you will be provided the reward from each
*You can beat the dungeons multiple times, however only will be rewarded once per dungeon
*Rewards that are sent after beating a dungeon can be found in the [Friend] menu, under [Mail/Friend Request] option
*There might be a delay in receiving the rewards after beating a dungeon
*To receive the rewards, please beat the dungeon within the scheduled duration. If the duration passes while you are still in the dungeon, you will not receive your rewards after beating it.

Floors/Stamina Cost:
Queen’s Banquet – Legend Plus (99)
Shining Death Queen – Legend Plus (99)
Arboreal Queen – Legend Plus (99)
Demonic Fire Queen – Legend Plus (99)
Queen of Absolute Zero – Legend Plus (99)
Divine Queen – Legend Plus (99)