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Boss Monster:
Dancing Mad, Kefka

Special Appearance:
Cloud’s Buster Sword (“It’s not my problem.” skill shared by Cloud)
Sephiroth’s Masamune (“I am the chosen one.” skill shared by Sephiroth)
Squall’s Gunblade (“Just stay close to me.” skill shared by Squall)
Rinoa’s Pinwheel (“Hey again.” skill shared by Rinoa)
Zidane’s Mage Masher (“We’ll destroy you and prove you wrong!” skill shared by Zidane)
Tidus’s Brotherhood (“This is my story!” skill shared by Tidus)
Yuna’s Staff (“I have become a summoner!” skill shared by Yuna)

Floors/Stamina Cost:
Netherworld – Mythical (50)
Netherworld – Legend (45)
Netherworld – Master (40)
Netherworld – Expert (25)
Netherworld – Intermediate (15)

Weekdays (starting 11/3 12:00 AM PST):
- 1.5x Drop Bonus
- 1.5x +Egg Drop Bonus

Saturday & Sunday (11/7-11/8 & 11/14-11/15, 12:00 AM-11:59 PM PST)
- 2x Drop Bonus
- 2x +Egg Drop Bonus