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Boss Monster:
The Tenth Angel – Assault Mode

Special Monsters:
Eva Unit-01 TAMADRA (“I mustn’t run away” skill shared by Shinji&Eva Unit-01)
Eva Unit-02 TAMADRA (“What are you, stupid?” skill shared by Asuka&Eva Unit-02)
Eva Unit-13 TAMADRA (“Time has come…” skill shared by Shinji&Kaworu&Unit-13)
Misato TAMADRA (Emergency Launch! skill shared by Misato&AAA Wunder)
The Fifth Angel (“Quick Heal” skill also shared by Isis)
The Fourth Angel (“Gungnir” skill also shared by Odin)
The Ninth Angel (“Enhanced Dark Orbs” skill also shared by Cerberus)
The Sixth Angel (“Evil Nova” skill also shared by Fallen Angel Lucifer)

Floors/Stamina Cost:
Angels Invade – Mythical (50)
Angels Invade – Legend (45)
Angels Invade – Master (40)
Angels Invade – Expert (25)
Angels Invade – Intermediate (15)