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Devil Challenge!

Details List:
*The rewards will be sent by in-game mail.
*When you beat [Devil’s Domain-Legend Plus], 3 prizes will be rewarded!
*To receive these rewards, the dungeons must be completed by 5/2 (Mon), UTC-8.

Reward List:
- Devil’s Domain-Legend Plus… Jewel of Darkness, Snow Globe Dragon Rouge(Lv Max), Snow Globe Dragon Noir(Lv Max)
- Sorceress-Mythical… Jewel of Wood
- Soul Reaper-Mythical… Jewel of Light
- Fiend Prince-Mythical… Jewel of Water
- Lord of Hell-Mythical… Jewel of Fire
- Corpse Wyrm-Legend… 2,000 Pal Points

*Devil Challenge has been renewed, allowing all players to receive the first time clear bonus, even if cleared at a previous point in time.
*A Magic Stone will be rewarded to players for clearing the floor Corpse Wyrm (Legend) as a first time clear bonus. A Magic Stone will also be rewarded to players completing floors Lord of Hell through Devil’s Domain for the first time.
*Dungeons are only available to players who have enough max stamina to play.
*Floors can be challenged in any order.
*Rewards are provided for each floor cleared.
*Rewards are distributed only once per floor regardless of the number of times a floor is cleared.
*Rewards are received through in-game mail after a dungeon floor is cleared.
*There may be a delay from the time a dungeon is cleared until the reward is received.

Floors/Stamina Cost:
Devil’s Domain – Legend Plus (99)
Sorceress – Mythical (50)
Soul Reaper – Mythical (50)
Fiend Prince – Mythical (50)
Lord of Hell – Mythical (50)
Corpse Wyrm – Legend (50)