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Challenge Dungeons!

Details List:
- The dungeon itself has ten floors, with stronger monsters appearing on higher levels
- During the event, gifts will be delivered by in-game mail when floors are cleared
- Gift mails are available only up to 1/25 (Mon) 11:59 PM (PST)
- Badpy and other monsters rewarded after Lv 6 are Enhance Materials that provide guaranteed skill-ups to monsters of the same Attribute when used in Power-Up Fusion
- The PreDRA awarded at Lv 4 can be sold for 3,000 Monster Points

Rewards List
- Lv10…Shynpy
- Lv 9…Badpy
- Lv 8…Flampy
- Lv 7…Bubpy
- Lv 6…Woodpy
- Lv 5…Snow Globe Dragon Vert Lv 25
- Lv 4…PreDRA
- Lv 3…Queen Gold Dragon
- Lv 2…2,000 Pal Points
- Lv 1…500,000 Coins

*Dungeon levels may be attempted in any order
*The gift awarded is based on the level of the dungeon completed
*Dungeon rewards are only granted once per level, regardless of the number of times completed
*After completing a dungeon, it may take some time before the rewards are received
*Rewards are sent via in-game mail to the [Friend] menu’s Mail/Friend Invites screen
*Dungeons must be completed by 1/25 (Mon) 11:59 PM (PST) to receive the rewards
*If the time limit is passed while in the dungeon, the dungeon rewards cannot be received

Floors/Stamina Cost:
Lv10 (100)
Lv9 (90)
Lv8 (80)
Lv7 (70)
Lv6 (60)
Lv5 (50)
Lv4 (40)
Lv3 (30)
Lv2 (20)
Lv1 (10)