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Blue Flower Dragon – No RCV

The lovely Blue Flower Dragon, Starling has arrived. This Dungeon contains no RCV, so plan accordingly.

Rare Invade:
Water Sprite, Sharulu — Same skill as Andromeda: “The Sacred Blue Chains”

Other Noteworthy Monsters:
Puchirose — Same skill as Kittyn & Mimmyna, CRAB Ver.2, and Idunn&Idunna: “Water Enhancement”

Without Heart Orbs, high-damage spike/multiplier Leader Monsters become much easier to activate. Unless you have max-skilled Monsters that can reliably create Heart Orbs, avoid using Monsters that require Heart Orbs to deal max damage. Most of the Monsters in this Dungeon are Water Att., so beginners will benefit greatly from Water damage reducers at lower difficulty levels.