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Batman Collab

Special Conditions:
Either BAO Deathstroke + B.Staff or BAO Venom-Enhanced Bane will spawn as a special random appearance.

Boss Monster:
BAO Joker+A. Blossom

Special Appearance:
BAO Firefly (BAO Firely + Flamethrower skills up the ability “Burst Bomb” for Kagutsuchi)
BAO Grundy (BAO S. Grundy Reborn skills up the ability “Double Attack Stance-Wt” for Hermes)
BAO Copperhead (BAO Venomous Copperhead skills up the ability “Poison Mist” for Lilith)
BAO Bane (BAO Venom-Enhanced Bane skills up the ability “Solar Lazer” for Ra)

Floors/Stamina Cost:
Blackgate Prison – Legend (50)
Blackgate Prison – Master (40)
Blackgate Prison – Expert (25)
Blackgate Prison – Intermediate (15)